The Best Pressure Washing Tips!

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DIY Pressure Washing Tips

Reveal your homes true beauty with external pressure washing!

  Does the outside of your home look dark, dingy, and dirty? You may not even notice it; it may have been that way for so long that you don’t remember what your house looks like underneath all the decayed substances and grime that’s built up over the years.


Pressure washing dirt and grime off of a home.


To reveal the true color and beauty of your home, you either need to hire an external pressure washing service or do it yourself. After the exterior of your house has been professionally cleaned, you won’t believe that the pristine, building sitting where your home used to be is actually yours. 

What is pressure washing 

         The process of using a professional grade pressure washing machine to remove filth from the exterior of something, such as homes, cars or even equipment. This works by forcing water through a hose at high pressure which targets the dirt and debris build up.            

Video of pressure washing

How to prepare your house for pressure washing

   Before you begin pressure washing your home, it’s important to do some prep work. Make sure you do the following according to, Lowe's Home Improvement Store 

● Repair loose or broken mortar and siding. This way, they aren’t damaged even further by the high pressure of the water spray.

● Cover any external power outlets with plastic. You may even consider temporarily cutting off the electrical current to those outlets. This and the plastic coverings will prevent electrical shorting and protect you, your family, and pets from electrocution.

● Close all doors and windows. You don’t want to get any water inside the house and cause interior damage. 
DIY pressure washing tips



Pressure washing your house is not as simple as it sounds. From Lowe's, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you during the process, if you’re doing it yourself:

  1. Keep your feet and hands steady. Do this to have more control over the pressure washer and where the spray goes. You don’t want to accidentally hose down anything that shouldn’t be hosed down, like electrical outlets, power lines, and plants.

  2. Use detergent to clean particularly difficult filth and stains. If there is a lot of filth or stains that just aren’t coming up with water alone, you can also use a pressure washer-safe detergent. You can usually purchase or rent pressure washing equipment from your local home improvement store.

  3.  Use the appropriate spray pattern and pressure for your home’s exterior. 

    Different types of surfaces require different spray patterns and levels of pressure. Brick, for example, requires you to gently wet it first and then start over again from the bottom up with more pressure. For stucco, in order to protect its original texture, you should aim the water spray at the stucco layer at a 45-degree angle. Consult the instructions that come with your pressure washing machine to make sure you know how to use it correctly on your home’s exterior before you get started. 
    Why you should consider hiring a pressure washing service

    Pressure washing requires a lot of steps and a lot of know-how. If you don’t get certain things right, like the spray pattern or the amount of pressure/ amount of detergent, you could seriously damage the outside of your house. Instead of restoring it to its original glory. Hiring a professional pressure washing service like what we offer is the easiest, most efficient way for you to reveal the true beauty of your home without risking making the problems that much worst.


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