Top 3 flower bed installation tips!

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Top 3 steps to flower bed installation

      Flower bed installation is not a bed of roses, if you’ll pardon the pun. It requires a lot of preparation and planning, as well as tiring, even backbreaking work to see it through. Even though the payoff of beautiful, carefully tended flowers that bring life to your lawn is well worth it, the work is still, well, a lot.

     In this article, we’ll go over the 3 main steps to flower bed installation and what you can do to make this arduous task easier on your body and mind.


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Step one planning your flower bed
   Before you begin turning your backyard into an oasis of bright blooms, you need to plan the design of your flower bed (or beds) carefully. As you brainstorm, consider the following:
● Where do I want the flower beds in my yard planted? Depending on the size of your lawn or yard, you may have lots of options for places to plant your flower beds. Nevertheless, it’s important for you to nail down exactly where you want those beds planted. This will save you time when you get to the installation step.
● How am I going to water all the beds? One factor that could determine where you plant your flower beds is where the water supply is in your yard. Make sure you don’t plant them out of reach of a water source. If you have a large yard, consider installing small irrigation or sprinkler systems so you don’t run out of hose length while you’re trying to water all your flowers.
● What kind of flowers do I want to plant? Now this is the fun part! There's a wide variety of exciting shapes and sizes when it come to flowers. If you have a color pattern in mind, start there by researching the kinds of flowers that bloom in your preferred colors. 
Planning your flower bed installation


Step 2 of flower bed installation

    To start prepping your soil, clear away any weeds and debris from the area where you want to plant the flower beds. Next, Home Depot suggests that if you’re planting flower beds for the first time, you should lay down a layer of landscape fabric to keep weeds from invading your lovely garden. Next, you should cover the fabric layer with about 6 inches of healthy soil.


Flower bed step of weed removal



Step 3 of flower bed installation
    The last step of flower bed installation is, finally, planting the flowers! You can plant full grown flowers or seeds; just remember to follow the instructions that come with the flower or seeds on how far apart the spaces between each different type of flower should be. As a final touch, Home Depot recommends adding a layer of mulch to the soil to lock in moisture and further discourage weeds from growing.


Make your flower bed installation easy
    As you can tell after reading all the steps involved in installing flower beds in your yard, it requires a lot of work. This work is also extremely tiring and involves a lot of heavy lifting of bags of soil and mulch, not to mention copious amounts of bending over. All these actions can hurt your back, especially if you’re not used to doing them. Don't be afraid to ask a friend or family member for help, trust me your back and flowerbed will thank you.
You'll need to carry heavy bags of soil and fertilizer



   Still feel overwhelmed or unsure? Fortunately, this is what we specialize in. Not only are we used to installing flower beds, we also enjoy doing them! So if your questioning the d.i.y route, do yourself (and your back) a favor and just go ahead and contact us about transforming your lawn today for you!


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